Peter ParnesWelcome to Peter Parnes' Place in the Virtual Universe!

My name is Peter Parnes and I am a creative researcher who enjoys applied research and software development in the field of distributed computing and its applications, collaborative environments and in particular real-time human communication over the Internet. I am co-founder and co-owner of the Swedish company Marratech AB where I until 2007 worked as Chief Scientist in parallel to my employment as Senior Lecturer and Research Manager of the Media Technology research group at Luleå University of Technology. At the university I hold the title of Associate Professor. In 2007, I joined Google heading up its engineering development efforts in Sweden.

I am married with Johanna Parnes since April 1996 and father to Tovah Parnes (borne June 8 2000) and Oliver Parnes (born January 29 2006). I am born June 26, 1971 in Malmö, Sweden and I am currently living in Luleå, Sweden. Personal interests besides computers and my work include travel, cycling on recumbents (more below), cooking, nature, photography, movies, reading, and Lego. Once upon a time I also had dog called Timbo. I am is a very curious person who loves to investigate different topics in life. I also have a web page at the university which might contain some useful information.

My education includes a Master (1995) and a PhD (1999) in Computer Science from Luleå University of Technology and in 2004 I became an Associate Professor (“Docent”) in Media Technology at the same university. 1979-1988 I attended compulsory school followed 1988-1990 by an international technical high school program in Malmö, Sweden.


I have a blog that I update regularly and irregularly depending on my mood. If I do not update the blog then send me some encouragement as that usually means that I am not feeling the best. I started writing the blog in English but found that I didn't get much interaction then so I switched to Swedish and immediately got some new blog friends.

I read news sites and other blogs via Google Reader (I love that tool) and there I have the possibility to share snippets I find interesting with my dear readers, as a Web page and as a RSS feed.


I love cycling and I think it is the best thing in the world to clear my mind and I must thank Johanna for introducing me to recumbents and right now I have two bikes:

a Scorpion HP Velotechnik Scorpionand a Spirit. HP Velotechnik Spirit. Both are made by HP Velotechnik in Germany.


I also love photoraphy and here is my gallery. My equipment includes a Nikon D300 with a Nikon 18-200VR, a Nikon 50/1.8 and a Tamron SP90/2.8. I also have a couple of Canon Ixus cameras of which most are broken ;). Do not miss the Photo category in my Blog where I describe my photo efforts.

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